LAF 2017- Sadie Weinberg & Heather Glabe

When we asked LIVE ARTS FEST 2017 artists Sadie Weinberg and Heather Glabe to share a little bit about their show, Split Bill, they responded with this excellent list of things they are interested in right now with their work. We love it and we think you will too. Check it out and then check out Split Bill on April 19th.

What we are interested in:Sadie_group


1. Sustainability of the creative process for myself and the dancers working with


2. Agency for the performers.

3. Revealing/pushing against expectations of dancers, dances, and bodies.

4. Trusting the mean making potential of bodies moving together through time

     and space.

5. Helping the audience to read the dance.

6. Fun.

7. Movement through space. 


1. Listening to my dancers.

2. Taking myself out of the work as much as possible.

3. Slowing down.

4. Letting the story or the dance develop on its own.

5. Diversity of people, ideas, movement.

6. The through line between improvisation and choreography.

7. Spaciousness.

Also check out this sweet short trailer for the show! LIVE ARTS FEST 2017 is officially one week away! Festival passes are selling fast so get yours today! Want to catch a preview of the performances? Get yourself over to White Box Live Arts this Friday for Friday Night Liberty– LAF 2017 preview performances at 5:30 & 6:30.

Photos (Trio: Ashley Akhavan, Berlin Lovio and Lemoe Mataitusi / Group: Angel Acuña, Ashley Akhavan, Artem’a Davis, Lemoe Mataitusi, Kris Apple)
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