LAF 2017- ENTER-action by SDDT Company Dancers

San Diego Dance Theater is known for having some pretty skillful dancers with many skills who serve the company not only as performers, but in various other roles. If you stop by the office, you’ll probably find Blythe there. If you attend a show at White Box Live Arts, Minaqua is probably behind the tech table running lights. Zaquia is writing this blog in third person as we speak. But the dancers have even more tricks and talents up their sleeves. That is why we are looking forward to ENTER-action– an evening of dances in-the-round choreographed by a handful of the SDDT company dancers for LIVE ARTS FEST 2017! Company members Angel Acuña, Desiree Cuizon-Fejeran, and Zaquia Mahler Salinas will share works on the 22nd, but today’s blog gives you a little peek at the works John Diaz, Blythe Barton, and Minaqua McPherson will present. Enjoy!

JohnDiaz217John: The dance “Ones” is inspired by probably the earliest “Ah-Ha” moments I had ever had while watching dance. In early 1986, I saw a video of “Duets” choreographed by Merce Cunningham a year earlier. The relationship between the dancers was so evident in the simplicity of shared space and the sheer drama of precisely executed movement. This no-frills dance was the key to the idea that dancing is all that is needed to express our embodied humanity. In this age of distraction, and misdirection, I find real truth in dance and Ones reflects this sentiment.

Minaqua: The development for this premiere work strives to reveal each movers threads, exposing the fragile yet powerful connections that bond us in our humanity. Through fast paced rehearsals, editing and re-unifying transitions, frantic construction of complex phrase work, and tedious disjointed movement exploration, I give you “All Being(s) Thread.” The thread referred to in this work is the most overlooked human connection: veins. Although veins might be easier to see on some, it can be difficult on others.  11694890_827084500720016_399569044338881389_n

Blythe: I am so excited to be sharing “Ordo Vivendi III” with Cecily Freeman Holcombe again. This piece is a woman’s crusade for power, for strength, for confidence. A solo female dancer embodies her turmoil within, as she battles the weight of internal and external oppressors. Ordo Vivendi (with life) is set to the somber music of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 2 E minor Op.67 Largo and premiered at the San Diego International Fringe Festival in Propulsion by Blythe Barton Dance in collaboration with the Neave Trio and was awarded “Outstanding Dance Production.”

ENTER-action hits LIVE ARTS FEST 2017 on April 22nd with two shows: 5:30pm & 7:30pm. We’re ready to share all of these great live arts performances with you- don’t miss out! Join us for a couple of shows, or the whole festival: tickets are available here.

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