Founded in 1972 as a 501(c)3 professional company, the San Diego Dance Theater (SDDT) has for 35 years enriched the cultural life of San Diego through countless dance concerts and training for young dancers. Jean Isaacs was appointed Artistic Director in 1997 and under her direction, SDDT has earned its reputation as a company of fully-professional dancers committed to unconventional and deeply courageous programming which expands access to the stage for dancers of many nationalities, races, ages, and physical abilities. We are best known for our cross-border projects, our site-specific Trolley Dances, our summer dance workshops, and for the sheer beauty of our dancers.


Create and perform intelligent dances that breathe life into the people of our region and beyond.
Provide access to the viewing, training in, and dancing of Isaacs’ dances by people of many ages, nationalities, body types, sexual preferences and physical abilities.

Core Values

The dances created have to be gorgeous and very physical.
They have to inspire kinetic empathy in the viewers, who must feel as though they could jump inside the dancers’ skin.
They have to reflect the world as it is now: urban, edgy, moving towards gender equality, deeply human, and danced by people of varied sizes, colors and background, and finally these dances help me understand a shift in myself: they reveal to me something I have not figured out before.

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